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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Rather like me, I love the social aspect of it, among many of my friends I've made over the past 6 years I've been involved in the sport. Hence my saying often I'd rather walk around and watch the games than be part of them.............. excluding where my heart truly is, bolt action and GBB all day long, close quarters urban areas or woods. That is what I really found is my thing that I need to feed my addiction. Sure I carry my M24 constantly with me, and am damned good with it, but to lug an MP5 and a chest rig full of mags along................ that has gotten old. This year and part of last I really learned what me and my rifle can do (and my pistols), and seriously, I'd leave the MP5 behind any day and run with only GBBs and my M24 any day. And I think that's the way I'll go, shed some weight, opposite of what most smart players would do. My heart is with the sniper rifle and pistol(s) as a primary, I might totally hang my ass out to dry next year and go 100% with both, give my AEGs a long time out.
Last couple games I have gone to, this is what I've done. Bolt action and a sidearm and it has worked fantastically.

People are so much easier than deer!

In regards to finding more "like minded" players, you have to understand that up here there aren't a whole heck of a lot of people to recruit. The only known airsoft players in Sudbury are the ones already on my team or the clearsofters who are all g-unit thugs who play in the streets at night.

My schedule has been a royal pain in the ass for verifying, too, though I've only gotten one request to be verified this year.
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