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I obviously have no say in any of this since I just got to my first game, but I'm enjoying myself a lot right now. Sure my first game was a zombie themed game, but we had some quick skirmishes after, tried a short little thing after the main event. I really really enjoyed myself, I got along with everyone... overall had a blast.

After talking to my friends about it, they all said they'd like to give it a try too. Likeminded people, all older, all willing to give it a shot. I even convinced someone who was a pure paintballer to give it a shot. He's recently sold all his paintball gear and is gone headlong into airsoft.

I'm glad most of you aren't giving up on this or the new guys. As much as some of us noobs can be painful to work with, we were all noobs at one point. I'm loving it so far, so you lot must be doing something right.
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