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I have only been in this for a year or so, when I joined Lee's group, and started coming out to events. I now bang the recruitment drum to any airsofter/paintball willing to listen. I think part of the problem that hasn't been mentioned to a great extent is teams.

Most guys I have met that are not in a team (these are in their 20s) don't go to games (or likely follow through on sign-ups) because they don't really know many people well, and care less (if at all) if they flake. Granted some of these kids have their heads up their arses, I believe it matters very heavily to have a team of people you know to give the motivation to do the things mentioned. I live in Toronto, but have never gamed here since all the ww2 games are outside the gta. I would rather take an extra several hours of bus time hauling all my ww2 gear than go to a random game at which I know no one for half the price/effort (or maybe it's just me)

I have noticed in the AARs from games where it is random people rather than teams that they have more problems with idiocy. Is this at least somewhat right, or does more of it just get posted in those, and other hosts filter it out?

I would say we should have more introduction/show and tell days, but some time back when jayne had one (or was signed up to help?) no one posted in. I imagine the airsoft convention(s) help with this to some degree, but that is not what they are for.

Setting up a feedback system may not exactly be fair in many cases. I think hosts exchanging info on who flakes for no (good) reason is the best way to go. As an example, I attend living history events with the ww2 group that don't get posted here. At these events we do our best to recruit people (like blank shooters). So if I flake for a game here, yet go to several events that ware weekend long that are not posted here, all people see is the flake. The point is there are too many other games not posted here/posted elsewhere for the system to run smoothly and fairly.

So am I completely wrong/retarded? Anyone found they had more motivation once they joined a (somewhat stable) team? Does anyone else like pie? Is it really a long long way to Tipperary?
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