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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
If it's any consolation...the above mirrors the comments of myself, 90% of the team and SEVERAL other "regular" players that I used to see as "active".

This spring kind of limped in...then summer went like a flash...fall was a complete write-off for me personally...and here we are.

I can kind of see my availability opening up now for games...but most are going to be indoor CQB, which gets a little stale if you overdo it a bit too frequently in the same building.

Gun doc stuff has to go...way, way too much time spent on it each week.

I'm also in Sudbury, which puts a MAJOR dampener on game attendance due to the travel distances alone. It's 5+ hours to Ottawa, 4+ to Toronto, 3+ to Muskoka. Hell, it's a 1.5hr drive to North Bay from here, and that's where the closest games are.
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