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It could be just a Northern oncoming-winter-depression thing, but recently my love for Airsoft has been tested and I've been finding it increasingly difficult to remain interested in the sport. The quality and mindset of the players has changed in recent years and the games just aren't what they used to be for me. I'm also finding it extremely challenging to motivate others to attend games these days.
Lack of players, lack of good players, lack of normal teams that arent sour when they loose to regular players, geek stuff like zombie and themes playing games, whiners, and ppl who just like cheating and flaming on forums are just some of the main reason u probably feel this way.

Try focusing on positive factors of the game, talk to proper players, avoid annoying ppl who always just try putting others down, that includes teams, avoid arguments with ppl from teams that think they are good.

focus on talking to ppl who like the aspect of the game which you do too, go to games only once in a while not often, stay away from arguments since it jsut becomes a flamewar and blaming wars....

Generally spend more time focusing on the positives of everything of airsoft, and ignore idiotic opinionated haters and their bullshit.

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