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Duilin - Requesting help.

I recently did a deal with Duilin, where I purchased this...

I received the package on Oct 23/09.

Once I opened the package, I promptly sent him this message.

Originally Posted by BootYourFace
Your add was very misleading!

First off, The GP30 retaining bracket, (one closest to for grip) is snapped, resulting in only the the bracket closets to the muzzle keeping the launcher on the gun. Would have been nice if you had said it was damaged.

Second, The magazine that you provided isn't even meant for a TM, it does not fit, and unlike the "Mag" brand mag's, cannot be modified to do so.

Third you should have mentioned that the "wood kit" installed was made in a wood shop class by a 14 year old. Its nice that the picture provided cuts off exactly where the metal should be on the butt stock.

Forth the amount of rust on the GP30 is disgusting, which shows that you didn't take care of your airsoft, leading me to believe that the TM will soon fail as well.

Fifth, and though I can't hold you totally accountable for this, but the Metal body you said wasn't element, is most definitely Element. Who is your "gun dock"?

I'm sorry if I come off a bit pissed off, but, I am. Mostly about the gp30. It's why I bought the damn package off you in the first place. Is there anything you could do to correct the situation at hand?

I have received no response from him. He actually hasn't been on ASC since the 19th. I'm posting this for any of you who might talk to him regularly, or know if he's just out of the country. I'm going to contact Wknight shortly to see if he can give an e-mail to contact him.

I will post pictures of the problems shortly, just waiting on my batteries to charge.

What I'd like is either a full return, or, in the very least, the cost of proper furniture (TM plastic will do) and the cost of new brackets for the GP30.

Concerning the GP30. Has anyone seen replacement mounts for sale separately? I've searched CA's, RedWolf, and WGC but none have them listed.

Thanks in advance for anyone who lends a hand.
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