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Originally Posted by The Lonely SCAR View Post
lol I'm Going to buy a KWA g36c next, and your right might just sell it if I need some extra cash. Plus I'm more of a collector and less of a gamer so my guns tend to barely take any damage other than target practice.
Judging by the fact you arent AVd and you are buying cansoft im guessing your underage. Wait till your 18 and buy something worth your cash. As said in one of the FAQs just because you have a gun doesnt mean your allowed to play. Collecting airsoft is kinda useless too underage cause both A: Its a waste of money as that could be spent on a car or new tv, and B: If you dont want them any more then you cant sell them on here and if they are sold on craigs list they will more than likely be flagged for removal. Wait till your 18 and avd then buy a gun.
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