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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
I actually never refereed to you because what you states was 100% true like always. Amos corrected what someone stated with a 1/10 shots should hit in the 300 feet but then a couple jumped the gun with their claims. I wanted to see if it was truly possible to be accurate in the 4/5 shots hitting someone in the 300 feet range all the time.
Ok, the backpeddle finally came, but at least it did. Should have just been more clear about that earlier. You know those snipers that are at the top of the sniper game (myself, Amos, Fox_111, ShaDo, etc.) don't bullshit (much ) and what we say is usually as close to fact as possible, but we also don't need to brag about insane ranges we've gotten kills at (newer unproven players trying to create a reputation while being unsure of themselves do though).

Myself, I can honestly say the farthest confirmed kill I've made is around 250ft, and happened while I was sending rounds into a large base, shooting at and near people for maximum pyschological effect while my team was getting into position to assault it. Never have I gotten anything past that (that I can confirm that is), but I've never been one to really WANT to shoot that far, I prefer closer up precision shots so I can actually see the round hit the guy. I have more bragging stories about kills gotten by slipping a BB into a small space in cover out to 150ft or so than I do long range kill rights. Personally accurate shooting into tiny spaces is more important to me than anything longer range than 200ft, that becomes more skill than luck.

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