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Okay guys, i think the contest of who is pissing the farther can be finish now..

I have witness few shot from fox at 250-275 feet with confirmed kill at the pit in rawdon in the past.. i had a m14 shooting 445 on semi, upgraded to the top, and i could not even reach the target while lobbing..

My maximum effective ranges was about 175 feet, and max about 225. while Fox M24 was 40-50' longer.. So Yes BA have farther range than AEG, the cylinder is not designed in the same manner.

The 300' shot are realy nice shot with wind correction, range correction and a bit of luck.

I have own BA and Semi AEG and i have liked both, but they are different.

The feeling that sniper are looking for are attain with BA.

People that want to be more a marksman use M14, SPR, and the like. BA are for the people who are looking for the whole deal.

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