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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Yes my PTW can reach 300 feet. Can it be accurate? Heck no, they just 'fly out there'. I never claimed to be accurate at those ranges like SOME people do.

Hence why i want some proof that a BA can be accurate at those ranges.

Keep talking people, all i want is 1 little video/proof that someone in Canada has a BA that can be accurate at 300 feet, like some are claiming.

Amos was pretty straight in saying that its not realistic and maybe 1/10 shots will hit there. From reading on the forums and owning a modified VSR, that sounds a LOT more realistic.

I guess i'm asking to much for someone to prove his BA can hit man size targets in the 300 feet...

My bad people, i'll take your 'word' for it. It's the internet so i shouldn't be surprised...
Who in this thread has claimed to be accurate out to 300ft? I sure as hell didn't, I was the one to say I got maybe 15-20ft groups out there at the one point my gun was set up as it was and I had the distance and conditions to do so. Fox_111 only said he got ONE confirmed kill at around 300ft once, he didn't say he does it regularly.
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