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Regarding the gun doc thing, my end was way too many coming in, my having to prioritize who's gun gets worked on before anothers................ players mixing and matching parts to install in their guns, and not having them work right, spending up to 20 hours on a gun to sort out airleak issues and only having quoted $40 for my work prior to that, special rewire jobs (like Trigger Masters) and Crane stocks have always been a pain in my ass, some are not bad to work on, others are a royal bitch, at least the early ones. GBBs are the worst to work on at times (read KSC Glocks), one can't see inside them to find what exactly is going wrong.

Most times I'd work 2-3 hours per night on guns, and maybe 3-5 hours per day on weekends. I'm glad I don't do it anymore, let's me do all kinds of other things (like spend time with my gf), but the scars of past years doing gun work means I really avoid working on my own guns unless I REALLY have to (have two KSC G19s that worked great for years, both went tits up with different problems, got one working after about a dozen hours of tinkering and replacing parts, only to find while it worked great at home for many mags, it'd fuck up at the field when I needed it most, fire one or two shots then spews all the gas, even on the second mag I tried. Really took the fun out of the game for me since I coudn't trust any sidearm I had).
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