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Originally Posted by scooby View Post
Jeez its not going to be a gun shortage killing airsoft , its going to be a veteran player shortage.

I think people blaming clearsoft is just ridicules, its been the best way to get new players, the only thing is we need veterans to pass along the core values of airsoft to the new guys.

New players who buy cheap intro guns have to understand there guns are never going to be high performance machines with out $ and all proper parts. You guys are burning out gun docs with your high expectations and low budgets.

Your going to get out of airsoft what you put into it. When you depend on other people to make to event fun you will always be let down.

I send out a big thank you of appreciation to guys like Brian who are hosting excellent milsim oriented games that make airsoft what it is.
I respectfully disagree but on some points!

You actually just disproved or contradicted yourself to a certain degree with the "clearsoft" argument, if gun Doc's are overwhelmed with "shit guns" because of the new players predominantly buying "shit guns" then it is hurting the communities growth. I would rather have our Gun Doc community working on high end gun's that are used by serious players as opposed to useless fledglings( no offense).

I say the formula for success is attracting higher end players, forget the little scrim games, and juvenile events, it would better in the community to bring in more dedicated milsim events that will attract more serious players.

+1 on what Brian is doing, I really like it, raising the game play to higher levels, and a more stricter game atmosphere is the way to go. I would like to see more command structure involved as well, the more MIL/Leo out there will be great too, i hate waiting for ever to get the game going. (I know it's Airsoft)

For some games or events the more relaxed environment is fine for scrim games, and gear testing, but lets get serious here, the overall laziness and lack of motivation is boring me!

"It's time to separate the caff from weak" ( I think that is how it goes, herd that one today)

As for your going to get out of "airsoft" what you put in it, I don't know man, Dean you put a lot in doing all the "Gun Doc work" that you spend major hours on. Wouldn't it be nice if our internals were made on a consistent basis with strict quality control measures there, I'm sure that would prevent many AEG's from going down prematurely. ( I know this is entirely out of our hands)

As for the "veteran shortage" most of the veterans are busy with there lives, combined with bad economic times, they have more pressing matters at hand.
But they will be out next year,and the ones that don't come back, others will fill the void.

My recommendations is fewer games being posted, but more involved games, AS community just needs to tighten there belt, this will bring AS back again.

Trust me!
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