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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Stop waving off people interested in Airsoft (that are 18+) and maybe MORE fresh blood will play.

You would be surprise how many people lose interest in airsoft after seeing the way 'new members' are treated on ASC.

A lot of people think that ASC = the final say on canadian airsoft.

This isn't an attack on ASC, it's just what some people feel like. I know people around here that stop going on her and rely on friends to sign them up to games or directly contact hosts.

Pish tosh ... lots of good people are starting out,, and well.. I just taught a CQB workshop for a group of 16 guys most of whom are in their first season of AS ... the are all fresh.. keen to learn and starting out right.

And all of them were not put off by ASC .. because they are mostly mature guys .. who are glad to see the whiners and un-weaned get their due.

I'm all for giving new guys a leg up ... and show the way.. but i'll not hold their hand .. and pat their heads...
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