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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Which PTW? Please be more specific.

My PTW LWRC has seen a good amount of action and now has a new owner thats very happy with it.

The others were more of overpriced wall hangers...
I don't keep track of your PTWs, I just keep track of the number of QC players that say you almost never get out to games, when you do you barely play, etc. Yet you, as Drake said earlier, over-estimate your opinion around here. Besides, this is a sniper related thread, and you really have nothing to contribute to it, yet insist those of us that can get BBs out to 300ft (emphasis on CAN get them out, no mention of actually having consistant mansized accuracy) to make a video to prove it to you. Face it buddy, you are mostly a chairsofter since you joined.
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