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Jeez its not going to be a gun shortage killing airsoft , its going to be a veteran player shortage.

We have definitely noticed an attendance problem with our games, its been hard getting 15 solid shooters out to play

Many people can speculate what the reasons are, I'm not sure what it is. Things I do know, it rained almost every weekend this summer in this area, has to be the worst summer I have ever experienced. Most people like to play in comfortable weather, playing in the rain once in a blue moon fun, but every outing.

I almost forget what the sun look like. Grey every day.

Many people are hurting for extra money due to the current economy, a lot of dual incomes have become 1.

I think people blaming clearsoft is just ridicules, its been the best way to get new players, the only thing is we need veterans to pass along the core values of airsoft to the new guys.

New players who buy cheap intro guns have to understand there guns are never going to be high performance machines with out $ and all proper parts. You guys are burning out gun docs with your high expectations and low budgets.

Your going to get out of airsoft what you put into it. When you depend on other people to make to event fun you will always be let down.

I send out a big thank you of appreciation to guys like Brian who are hosting excellent milsim oriented games that make airsoft what it is.
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