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The tracking system for Canada Post is bullshit. I was supposed to get something schedualed for the 30th, then it changed to Nov 2nd (today), then it changed again to possibly tomorrow, (which i highly doubt). And Canada Post can do nothing about it. The item is even in my City yet i still cant get it. Their customer Service is a waste. they said "oh well.... sorry... have a nice day!" FUCK YOU! Where's my item. can i go pick it up..... "sorry its not available to the public" I'm leaving for training tomorrow so that means.... i can not get my item. yaaaaaaay.... :|

In conclusion: *cough* FUCK YOU CANADA POST *cough*

UPDATE* I JUST got my gun yesterday..... Friday (6 NOV 09)... seriously. It was in Kitchener for the entire week and i wasnt able to get it! Then for some fucked up reason it gets mailed to my mothers address! WTF. Why was it mailed there. Its not even similar to my address. So, it took 9 days for it to go from Montreal - Kitchener. Unbalievable. and, when i got the item, its was fucking broken! Fast and safe shipping my ass!

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