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Originally Posted by CARL View Post
My personal prediction is as the economy sort's it self out over the next few years, things are going to vastly improve into another "Airsoft Golden Age".

This depends on the economy improving, and no more increases of restriction from CBSA or government, but don't count on that, if anything they will increase the restrictions.
it will never improve to sort it self out or be better unless the current new crop of players learn and respect the existing rules, Economy wise games now are a lot cheaper than those offered to us back in the days

Government restriction? well no matter how many times I've read about the sky is falling shit I can still get guns and play with my friends

increase in restrctions? I have to agree with you on this point but just because we have a large influx of new players and from what i've seen they are nothing but potential trouble, don't believe me all you have to do is look into youtube, some of the shit I see kids do with airsoft guns makes me wonder if they will ever get a chance to go pass puberty. it only take a few rotten apples to spoil the whole batch

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