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Originally Posted by FNG_13 View Post
Just read through this thread front to back and I have a question that I will precede with a wee comment.

I'm a reasonably new player, so I don't remember the "good old days" at all - I joined up shortly after the most recent "sky falling" spell a couple of years ago. Since then I've seen alot of threads about how clearsoft is ruining the sport, noobs are breaching the defences in hordes, etc. I try and stay out of the arguments since I really don't have much to compare the community to. So now I rely on you vets who have been around a while for a bit of your input.

Has the number of players who actually show decreased, or has the flake percentage merely increased? That is to say, has the community grown such that we have many more players with more chronic flakers per capita, but the actual number of players has remained steady or possibly gone up? Or have the numbers simply gone down as more old timers recede into the woodwork and the new blood just can't be counted on?

It's always interesting to get comments from guys who have been around for a while...I kinda wish I had the time and patience to read through the collective archives of ASC, but something tells me there's much more "useless" than there is "intersting," and most of the fun I've missed out on has been on the field anyway. At any rate, perhaps one of you could comment on the above?

On a more "mere chatter" note, I will admit I have tented my fair share of games...usually with a "if school/ride doesn't fuck me" added on. That being said, thanks to Brian's vigorous campaigning, as it were, I've stopped. So score one conversion if you're keeping track.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go mug an old lady so I can get some money together and confirm at the next FR game.
Player flake in my opinion has increased dramatically, back in the pre internet/ASC, cell phone days Poncho, Wilson,Gary and Vince used to organize the games weeks at the latest and months ahead at the earliest, the numbers of players showing up has always been more than expected, I remember the days where we manage to stuff 60 plus players in paintball city all this was done by word of mouth and a house phone. sometimes Poncho even have to reject players because there were so many that showed up.

Back to present days aside from conflict of schedules there are games that the vets avoid simply because it's not organized properly or inexperience host hosting or it could be as simple as teh players attending. Player flake numbers has increased due to the vast amount of games available and in My opinion it is also the mentallity of teh present day players where there is not much effort needed in order to attend games compared to the late 80's, I mean some of the players have so many games choices to attend that they don't care if they miss a game or two, there is always next week.

The unwillingness of noobs to appreciate and observe the rules set by a vet host is also another reason why there are such big gap between the attendance of vets in games ie. Defcon games, you will not see vets attending those shoot em up games because they lack the structure basicly it's who ever have the biggest collection of hicap WINS! The CQB games by Tyson you'll see alot of vets attending because it's structured and controlled
How often do you see a post in the games section where a noob player can't get squared off and request an exception?? by the way telling a person who kindly bring extra gear without any rental fees so you can get squared up and not showing up for it is also uncool. the way I see it if I can make the effort to get squared up properly with my gear, guns etc why can't they?
Not all of us can get our stuff all at once hell I started with ski goggles, jeans and my JAC when I first started, but I made teh effort of getting my shit squared up ASAP I understand that there are other priorities in life that require your attention or funds that's why this is a hobby and it is a hobby for RESPONSIBLE persons.
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