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Wow Ronan, you really overestimate your importance don't you...

Just to put Stalker's "10-20' groups @ 300 ft" assessment into context, he's grouping at 300 feet what a lot of stock-ish AEGs are grouping at around 100 ft. Which stems from your original [misinformed] statement that "adding 50-100fps and a longer tightbore doesn't double or triple your range." -- it obviously can if you know your tools. I have no doubt the good snipers can hit a point target (man -sized torso) 50% of the time ("effective range" by most definitions) at at least twice the distance experienced shooters can do the same with their AEG, so they at least double their range.

If you're talking about just lobbing BBs out as far as they'll go (basically which gun can piss the furthest) then your statement was absolutely correct, the exta 50-100 fps won't double the range.

And once again, you've perpetuated the noob myth that the sniper role is all about the gun and long range kills, rather than the skill set. Many good snipers (the ones with skills and balls bigger than the projectiles they're shooting) do excellent work from ranges well inside the reach of AEGs -- and a quiet, highly accurate (at that range) tool helps a lot to achieve this.
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