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sniper role

Originally Posted by Drake View Post
You went to the training day, you got a first taste of what's involved in sneaking around (and you were doing relatively well for your first time, too).

Forget about the bolt action for now. The gun is a tool, nothing more: the sniper role is about a very specific skill set, not about the rifle. Specially not in airsoft were the range advantage is negligible.

You should explore the scouting role for now, master stealth and observation, understand the strengths and weaknesses of your gun, and get use to stalking your targets or laying in ambush so that you can get the kill with the tool you currently have at your disposal.

That will give you a good idea not only whether or not its for you, but what specific tools you need to improve you capabilities if its something you choose to pursue.
yes that is right on "TARGET"?ive done this whatyouve works exactly like that.first i got used to stalking with my m4.someitmes the slow,wait and stalk again can bring your target to your advantage.
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