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ch, ch, ch, changes....

Every year I get an urge to just drop AS due to many reasons.

It's been money, people, politics, illness, job, lack of time you name it.

I find I usually sit back and take a break every year now (a month or two), I also look to do something different within the sport.

I am right now enjoying the model making aspect as I am finishing up a functional cannon for the field.

I find I move from game play to reffin' to writing scenarios to making wacky short films. I guess I am only saying to not stay within one aspect to keep it fresh. I look at this hobby in the long term.

I find different avenues to keep it "refreshed" (wrong use I know).

I guess my only advice is to think of it as a career. You will do many different things within your chosen occupation over your life, perhaps look at AS in the same light.

I do find some projects do not work (after months and much dosh spent on attempts... the party popper hand bomb for example) but hey that's experience right?

If you ever want to vent my good man I am always here to listen too. That helps with staying in sport too.

I will shut up now
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