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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
To the 300+ feet snipers.

Put up a video hitting a man size target consistently.

Must have field legal fps.
Ghillie gives extra internet points.
5 shots. 4 of them must hit the man size target.

Just because the bb's sometimes fly to 300+ feet doesn't mean it's accurate there. My PTW's could reach there, but it sure wasn't going to hit the same target every time or even most of the time.

If you can really make 'that' shot then show it on video. I'll buy you a beer (or lemonade if Drake makes that shot).
Or, as Drake said, you could actually come out to a game. Why go through the trouble to make a video, set everything up, get others involved............. just to prove a point to Ronan? Makes zero sense.

Remember my point that I get maybe a 10-20ft grouping at 300ft (when I was witnessing it), never said it was past 300ft (obviously they did go a bit past that before dropping), nor did I say consistantly hitting a mansized targets. Fox_111 said he's only done it once, he doesn't do it regularly.
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