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Originally Posted by coachster View Post
to answer your original question. when I started playing airsoft, I wanted to be a sniper. had access to a Maruzen APS2, that ran a bit hot for standard play. I understood the mental game that goes on, the waste of time setting up a shot but to not have a shot, potentially being spotted and not being able to engage when the enemy close the MED etc... So I let the thought go and took up a using regular AEG's and GBB's and shot people lots and got hit lots. Had loads of fun.

the opportunity to came to take the level 2 course and I jumped on it. thoughts of playing the sniper role came back until taking the course and realizing it's not for me. sure I can crawl around in the bush trying to track the oppontent. sure I can sit silent for a long time without moving but again, it wasn't me. not the way I want to play.

although I am a Level 2 BA operator, will I ever play a game as a sniper? not likely. Will I ever sling the APS2 on my back as a DMR? probably

My suggestion to you, go take Fox_111's clinic when it comes up. You can get your level 2 and see if your really suited for the role.

Edit: yes I love the reaction on peoples faces when they hear the thwack of a heavy BB or 2 hitting something near them. hahahaha
Interesting. I will definately wait for Fox's clinic. In the meantime I will use my AEG and develop skills in reconnaissance and stealth a those will be helpful if I do become a sniper in the future.

thanks everybody, you've all been very helpful
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