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Originally Posted by Spawn28 View Post
Just a thought it could be the company your keeping. do ya think if ya surrounded your self with enthousiastic people who wanted to play, your love for the sport would come back? hell we are so close you need to come hang with us. we will get ya back up and airsofting again. P.S. we have a heated warehouse to play in all winter its not super huge but itll do when ya get the itch and we are always ready to go
If you are talking about me, is more the fact I seriously burned myself out over the past years with all manner of airsoft related stuff, hardcore over my head gun work (add in those that'd ask me a few days before a game to fix their gun, and my having one gun in peices all over my bench), being asked for and giving advice constantly, playing one to three games per month for a few years, then tapering it to one per month max. Had my relationship of 7 years fall apart and didn't spend enough time with my kids................. ya, burn out. Luckily I have Timbit now, she's amazing, and likes airsoft (except the face shots she learned aren't fun), but in upcoming years I'll make it out every month or two to play. I seriously began to love my skills with a bolt action rifle, more so playing in an urban built up area, using my single BB stealth and picking off guys through small windows way out there........... that is my love, my rifle and pistols, and have learned just how strong a player I really am with a BA vs. AEGs. That's what keeps my addiction for airsoft going.
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