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I totally understand why you want to be a sniper. You want the spec ops like, alone, behind enemy lines, where stealth is your only ally. I love when i end up in that position however, I prefer my semi auto silenced 416 over my vsr for this. The BA rifle is incredibly bad ass to use, very fun to shoot but though it does have it's upsides, I've never been in a situation where i wish i had my vsr over what ever else i'm carrying. My advice. Go with something small (Mp5, M4 cqbr/10 inch barrel, nothing bigger than that), get a ghillie suit set up, and do the sniper/spotter role first before getting the BA. May not like it, may love it. Hell, you may find you prefer it with a small silent (sorbo pad + sound suppressor at minimum) aeg. And then work on the BA as it's useless if you don't know how to move correctly first.

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