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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post

Your WW2 games at Old FR were always great...although the weather was always sh*t for the ones we made it out to.

The best one was Oct 29th 2006. It was cold and waves of white-out snow/rain were hitting every so often. Ground was muddy.

Our line was moving through the trees...light fluffy snow flakes were drifting down like mini paratroopers, so calm everything seem to just hang in the air. We were slow stalking lined up abreast and stopped, everyone took a knee for a minute. From right to left a big deer broke cover and start out in front of us, walking about 20ft in front of our line. Not a peep from anyone...but someone moved and it froze...stared straight at us (wet flecktarn in a dirty forest is like an invisibility cloak)...then kept going along it's way.

That was cool.

Also cool were the phone calls from my wife around noon and then every hour or so...telling me she was going into labour...but it wasn't bad yet and that I probably had time to finish the game. Finished up the game...booted home, drop gear, grab wife, goto hospital and ta-da! new baby girl the next day!

You run the best games buddy!
Tys, now that's an airsofter... wife in labour and he still finishes the game! I think I would have understood if you have to leave early. :smile:

Thanks for the kind words mate... hope to see you at a game soon.
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