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Originally Posted by Huge94 View Post
ah man these stories really just want to make me take the sniper role right now. This is so the kind of rush I'm looking for.
to answer your original question. when I started playing airsoft, I wanted to be a sniper. had access to a Maruzen APS2, that ran a bit hot for standard play. I understood the mental game that goes on, the waste of time setting up a shot but to not have a shot, potentially being spotted and not being able to engage when the enemy close the MED etc... So I let the thought go and took up a using regular AEG's and GBB's and shot people lots and got hit lots. Had loads of fun.

the opportunity to came to take the level 2 course and I jumped on it. thoughts of playing the sniper role came back until taking the course and realizing it's not for me. sure I can crawl around in the bush trying to track the oppontent. sure I can sit silent for a long time without moving but again, it wasn't me. not the way I want to play.

although I am a Level 2 BA operator, will I ever play a game as a sniper? not likely. Will I ever sling the APS2 on my back as a DMR? probably

My suggestion to you, go take Fox_111's clinic when it comes up. You can get your level 2 and see if your really suited for the role.

Edit: yes I love the reaction on peoples faces when they hear the thwack of a heavy BB or 2 hitting something near them. hahahaha
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