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Well organized Milsim is the way to go in my opinion. Also I'm tired of AEB,GBr's that work like shit, there just not reliable enough, I only wish we could use Sim ammunition like in most NATO armies, and play with our restrict ed's because our AEG's from Asia are to expensive for there performance.

Also this "Crapsoft" or "Clearsoft" business is just completely poison to, it's fine for kids at home to have a neat little toy, but people bringing these out to games just ruin's it more and further degrades the game.

In a perfect world for Airsoft i would love to see people actually get there money's worth out of it, our guns need to be at least 3 times better in performance, and reliability.Every game I go too a few guns down for whatever reason, hopup, gear box, selector switch, motor, batteries, and these are guns are built by people that know.

This would make me happy, and i think would keep more people interested in the game.

Many people I have met over the years, that I know use to play always complained about the cost, and aggravation of constantly upgrading there guns and unnecessary expenses.

The amazing thing is, I know a lot of people who use to play years ago before ASC was on the net, and repeat all the same things.

Unfortunately there is nothing i can do about it, so i just have fun regardless seeing good people/friends out there, and have fun.

I just hate the fact when i spend over $1500 easy and it work's seldom, but hey it looks cool on the wall.
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