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Originally Posted by Bissa View Post
ahh, ok, I also read stevens post as being accurate to the point where the BB went where you aimed the scope the first time.
Nope, won't happen unless your scope is zero'd for that distance, which isn't likely to happen. I have my hop up set full, and because I use 0.36g BBs, I get droppage at around 150ft (I also wash my ammo, that way I get a bit more friction on the hop up). Is always better to under adjust your hop up than to try to set it for maximum range, than way you get consisant shots no matter what the air conditions are like. Is easier to aim higher and drop your round on the target than it is to suddenly see your BBs overhopping due to wind, and having to 'hook' the rounds up. So the way my gun is set now (397fps w/0.20g, equals roughly 300fps using 0.36g), to get my rounds on target 200ft away, I have to aim about two feet over the target. But this is better than when my rifle was shooting ~500fps, the BBs were too unstable to get consistant shots (many flyers).
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