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Originally Posted by Bissa View Post
I may be wrong but I am fairly sure that no BA in canada can shoot 300 feet either.
I got one confirmed kill beyond 300fts. Many experienced snipers do.
At those range, it's much like Rob Furlong 2.4km kill. A lot of ajustement fire.

And by being fit, I mean, you will do a LOT of crawling, wich demand a lot of energy and flexibility. Sometime a lot of running then sudently going prone and hahing to steady a shot. If you are out of breath and sweating like a pig, you won't be able to take a shot with all the fogging and jerking. Also, if you have a big fat belly, good luck crawling around for a long time. I don't say it cant be done, but I assume it will be less than elegant and effective.

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