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Maybe you need to focust and restrict your interest in airsoft to what motivate you the most.

For myself, I see it as the best force on force trainning I can get at the moment, so I stick with milsims with people I know I will be able to play in coerant team with.

I never see myself dropping airsoft, but like you, my interest has changed and somewhat faded with time. I'm no longer motivated by everything airsoft has to offer, but only in a very specific portion of it. Unfortunatly, a few people dedicate themself completely to this very milsim protion.

Especially with the new wave of noob with cheap transparent guns that are barely 18.

If I was you Wilson, I'd slim down my gear to real stuff that work in the real world and use airsoft as the Force on Force trainning part of my RS love. Because steel and paper target never shoot back.

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