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you are not alone in your thoughts. i have been feeling the same way lately. personally, i think its because this seasons (for me at least) has been really shitty. what with the bad weather and just busy schedule, i barely made it out to any games at all. i notice the attitude thing, even in my 2 years of experience. all i can say is, hold out till next year. if it still doesn't live up to your expectations, than sell off airsoft. For me, i think i once i get out to the games more and get all my gear and guns up to par i will have more fun, cause than i can attend literally any game i want.

Example of my guns and their function:

M14: All purpose outdoor rifle. allows me to play recon and DM role
Kar98k: Allows me to do long range sniping and play with the WWII guys
G36C: (Once i convert my fullsize) will allow me to play indoor, CQB games, night games (via tracer unit) and winter games (cause of the V3 mechbox)
USP .45: well this is just self explanatory.

I structured my guns to allow me to get the most playability out of airsoft. i know i like airsoft, but this season has really bummed me out. still, im going to stay and finish upgrading my stuff. im sure one i get out to more games (as will you), the feeling will wear away. at least i hope so.
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