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Unhappy Wavering Morale

It could be just a Northern oncoming-winter-depression thing, but recently my love for Airsoft has been tested and I've been finding it increasingly difficult to remain interested in the sport. The quality and mindset of the players has changed in recent years and the games just aren't what they used to be for me. I'm also finding it extremely challenging to motivate others to attend games these days.

I've tried changing it up by trying out the sniper and force recon roles, which has been fun for us but not enough to change the core gameplay.

The games I've attended lately have been disappointing, especially since role-playing isn't something I've ever been into. Lately I've been moving more and more towards real steel (always been involved in it) and away from airsoft. I'm even thinking about calling it quits for Highland Tactical, at least for the airsoft end of things.

Is there anything I can do on my end to improve my enjoyment of the sport and hopefully get others more motivated to get out to games? Am I alone in this experience?
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