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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Cheap people, not poor people, cheap people.
I hear ya. I see this all the time and its usually because people have a hard time justifying spending real money on real gear (or at least the quality copies) for a game revolving around toy guns and pretend scenarios.

I make the least money out of all the people on my team yet I have the highest percentage of "real" or quality gear. Go figure. Though, I can't blame people for making wise purchases, it's not like they're going to be trusting their life to their airsofting equipment (I have yet to meet anyone in airsoft who genuinely plays airsoft as a supplement to their real world training).

What pisses me off about airsoft lately, or perhaps it has always been this way, is that every game that claims to be "MILSIM" never actually is. In fact, "MILSIM" seems to be the new AMPTGARD (or however its spelt) with guns, run by dungeon masters who feel the need to micromanage nearly every aspect of the game to cater the entire experience to their own vision of how it should play out. Now, don't get me wrong, these scenarios are almost always hilarious and usually fun, but sometimes they kill what would otherwise would have been a fantastic game had they just let it go with the flow.

It gets progressively more difficult to motivate people who are new to the sport to stick with it when the majority of the games we attend in a season turn out to be this way.

I've been to two enjoyable games this year.

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