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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Inter shot consistency does. It's a common noob mistake to think a higher FPS makes for a more accurate or distant shooting gun: if you can get a consistent velocity shot after shot, accurate barrel and a heavy BB that will stay on course, you can start getting a consistent trajectory. And once you get that you can start arcing shots, more or less like on an airgun or real gun.

You should come out to a game sometime (a real one), you'd learn a lot.
Hehe, was wondering if I or someone else would have brought that up.

And Ronan, I've gotten BBs out to 300ft before, consistantly. Sure, they were giving me maybe a 15-20ft grouping at 300ft, but they went out there easy enough. This was the one time I had my rifle set to 340fps w/0.20g BBs, and I was flinging 0.30g Bastards. Ask Testie next time you talk to him about that, he was there beside me at Apoc's, and he even toook a dozen shots and got the same thing I did.
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