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Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
Silence i can deff go with, BA make a LOT less noise. But range? They are limited with similar FPS so i can't see them shooting that much further. Especially compared to a real sniper vs rifle.
Range is increased when using a heavier BB and having your hop up set right (250ft is easy). And BA are just more consistant due to less moving parts.

Yes, silent shots unheard outside of 20ft is a big advantage. Other advantage of learning to use a BA well and actually gaming with it is you take a lot less chances (and more), but it makes one a better player. With an AEG set on semi with full auto as an option, you might think "Well, I shouldn't take this shot because it might give me away, but I have full auto to back me up if I need it, so I'll take the shot anyways." Your tactics really change and you become much more in tune with what is going on, your surroudings, when is tactically your better time when to shoot, when you should just let the guys walk past. Listen to "The Gambler" by Kenny Rogers, that's what sniping in airsoft is like.
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