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Condor Tactical Gear Product Review

I was in the market for some updated gear and stopped in at to check out some of the Condor line of tactical gear. I bought a "battle belt" and a suspension system to go with it and thought I would do a little review of my findings. Long term tests for durability are forthcoming but this is what I have so far.

Battle belt/Suspension system

This system requires a belt and seperate molle style pouches all sold seperatly. The belt of your choosing feeds through the belt as seen here.

The suspension sytem attaches to the belt by heavy duty "D" rings,note my routing of exess strap.

Attaching your selected pouches is simple and straigh forward.

This is my current load out for your average game day and all fits nice and snug in this set up.

Next sequence of pics shows the Battle belt/Suspension system fully loaded for gaming. You will have to forgive the mis-adjustment of all the straps etc as this will be done on game day.

Thats all for now. Once I have gamed with this set-up I will update this review.
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