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I'll always remember the day I crawled for close to an houre, behing ennemy line in little cover. All I had was the underbrush of and my cadpat as camoflage. I crawled slowly to get into a nice firering position behind an ennemy entrenchement. There was 3 guys firing on my guys behing a large fallen tree. Since the angle was weird, I had to crawl in at about 100 fts of them. Laying as low as I could, I wacked the middle guy in his big padded vest. My 450fps rifle sent the 0.30g BB dead center in the guy back, making a loud hit. He called his hits and his teamate, suprised, looked at each other and quickly around, trying to spot the source of fire. I was now as flat as I could on the ground with nothing to hide. They did not saw me and made a run for it to get re enforcement. I quickly changed position once I was alone in the erea. I took a good position that afforded me some cover and a way of escape, and saw the 3 previous dudes plus some backup, comming for me. They where in a skirmish line, walking slowly and shooting at every bush. I had chosen a spot that I knew was unlikely to be considered a good hiding space for a sniper, and they walked past me. I was hiding in plain sight again.

Once they came past me, I very slowly raised my rifle and turned around, still half sitting, half prone, on the ground and levelled my sight on the back of the highest threat. When I was about the shoot him, my teamates emerged from the other side of the clearing and engaged them all. All I had to do was sit there and look at them killing the ennemy, while making sure to back my team. I stood there, still hiding to avoid being FF and later rejoined with my team.

It was a great infiltration.

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