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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
Then I'll give you this info: ever play at Mirabel Paintball when an airsoft game is on? If so, you know about Hambuger Hill and the urban area with the church. Both times I played there this year, my MP5 barely got used (even after dark and with my NV scope on it, my focus was 95% M24 (and about 3% MK23) for both events. And I racked up at least a dozen kills each game using just my M24, it works great to pick off guys stuck in places where there is a lot of cover, they can dodge streams of BBs with ease, but a single green 0.36g fired from 150ft away.......... SLAP!!! Is all in the way you play the game, use your tools, and what your confidence level is. Last game there I never even fired a shot with my MP5, even though it was slung on my back half the time.
I have yet to play there but the way you talk about it makes me want even more to buy a BA. It's that versatility I'm looking for. Being able to feel the urgency to shoot while in other scenarios you wont have to shoot at all. Sometimes you shoot just for fun, sometimes you cannot shoot because of specific missions.

This is exactly what I am looking for in this sport.
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