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Originally Posted by Huge94 View Post
This is exactly the type of missions I'd love to play a part in. Reconnaissance, sending intel to teammates etc. this is very much the type of airsoft I would love to play.
Then I'll give you this info: ever play at Mirabel Paintball when an airsoft game is on? If so, you know about Hambuger Hill and the urban area with the church. Both times I played there this year, my MP5 barely got used (even after dark and with my NV scope on it, my focus was 95% M24 (and about 3% MK23) for both events. And I racked up at least a dozen kills each game using just my M24, it works great to pick off guys stuck in places where there is a lot of cover, they can dodge streams of BBs with ease, but a single green 0.36g fired from 150ft away.......... SLAP!!! Is all in the way you play the game, use your tools, and what your confidence level is. Last game there I never even fired a shot with my MP5, even though it was slung on my back half the time.
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