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I'll toss in this: being an airsoft sniper isn't about lying around for hours waiting for a shot. It CAN be, based upon that being the best course of action due to the mission and what your team is doing. But you can be an active player, working as the sniper/DMR for your team, away from them but maybe ahead of them. As mentioned above, the sniper rifle is a tool to be used a certain way, for certain applications. So is the ghillie, when it's able to be used or when the situation calls for it. But the tactics of the sniper is also a tool. The only time I've ever laid around in wait was 2 hrs, totally outside of shooting distance (the farthest I could see was about 500ft) and I was covering an unused corner of the field on overwatch for my team defending a base to be attacked. Mostly what I chose to do at that point was use my scope to ID enemies movements around the roads and woods, then provide the intel to my guys. And go figure, two of the enemy came up the road in the unplayed area, and literally decided to to climb up the berm and observe the base not even 70ft from me. I shot them both, they were both stunned someone was where I was, because literally I've been the only person ever to use that spot way out in the boonies of that field.

I do most of my games with my M24 on my back and my MP5 in my hands, sometimes I leave the MP5 behind. Yet I move around all day, always hunting and getting around.

BTW, I liken an airsoft sniper lying around waiting for a target to be like hunting from a tree stand. That's not hunting, that's ambushing. I hunt like the Indians used to, stalking around and getting into the best position to take someone out.
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