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Softair S&W Sigma 40f

This is my first review and first airsoft, so bear with me. Im not up on all the tech yet

This version of the S&W40f has the metal slide and fake silencer. Now with nothing to compare it to aside from my many airguns its hard for me to rate the quality. But it seems to be a well made gun. It cycles without any issues.
The lower part of the gun is made of ABS with metal internals.

The gun uses a single 12g powerlet and the extended mag holds 39 rounds. One powerlet will give you around 2 mags before the pressure drops off.

It comes with an uluminum rail to mount the laser and scope if you wish.

The fake silencer hides a longer inner barrel. The silencer is epoxied on, but im thinking of removing it, and making a shorter barrel. I might thread it so I can add it when wanted. But for now it works well, and makes for quite an accurate pistol.

The gun ballances well in the hand. Nice crisp pull, and the blowback functions well.

I dont use the rail or laser, but its a nice feature to have. Easy to tear down to for servicing.

Here are some pictures.....

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