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Originally Posted by holycannoli View Post
I'll keep that in mind. Sorry, I do realize I can be sarcastic.

I've done alot of research, especially here. The laws about owning and importing are well documented, but I couldn't find a single place to buy a full metal gun which abided by those laws. This is the first time I've been able to find one.

And hold on a second...007airsoft is situated in Canada. It's legal to own the guns if they import them, so why do you suppose they won't sell them? Maybe I should send them an e-mail tomorrow...

And yea...hoppers are annoying. I've been thinking of selling my X7 for a rap4 just for that reason, a friend has one, it's a tank. .68 calibre paitnballs, same as a regular gun, but no visible tank and no hopper. Only thing that's stopping me is the horror stories about rap's customer service.
#1 apparently you havent done alot of research ESPECIALLY here as youve asked a question that been asked a disgustingly large amount of times and has even been stickied if im not correct.(Strange little thing called a forum search has been invented to help find answers to your questions. Also airsoft is a sport in case you havent looked around on the net its played in possibly hundreds of countries and there are teams and large scale games that put some international paintball tournaments to shame.).

#2 Exactly full metal/black guns are replica firearms and prohibited from being imported by anyone without the proper licenses. Want a full metal gun? get avd. Plan on just shooting shit and not playing a game? Get a pellet gun cheaper, it also minimizes the risk of you being seen with a replica firearm in public and possibly involving police resulting in negative publicity for our community and sport.

#3. RAP4 paintball guns are still classified as replica firearms as they arm created in molds identical to their real steel counter parts and are usually full metal and wood depending on the gun, thus it being seized and your money not being refunded.

So in all if you dont plan on getting AV'd and you want something to shoot shit with get a pellet gun.
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