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Smile KWC S&W 40f

I purchased this pistol from my local surplus store for $99.99. At first glance I was skeptical about the quality, but after taking it out of the crappy clam packaging i really got excited about the weight of the gun, or should i say the mag. The mag actually weights a little more than the gun it self. The frame is a really nice solid ABS plastic, the inside where the slide meets the frame is metal. The slide on the other hand is bad plastic, very brittle and just plain crap it feels like u good snap it in two with one hand, I will need to replace it with a metal one but for now it is fine. The internals are very nice full metal and seem pretty durable, although the barrel and hop up could use some work because the accuracy is pretty bad. The power is really high I chronographed mine with .20g BB bastard and it was shooting around 400 fps. Which from what I have read is a bit high to actually game with, especially in CQB which pistols are made for. So I was a little disappointing but I never really play that much with other people just target practice so its alright. The magazine is one of the biggest downfalls of this gun read the pro's and Con's for info.

great plastic on frame
looks great after paint job (personal preference)
good internals
feels very good in hand
power (could be a con)
capacity(only good part about mag)
uncommon (I don't like to be the same, that's why i don't have an m4)
Individual serial code
trades (poorly engraved though)

CO2 (if you have lots of $$$ it could be a pro)
slide (bad plastic)
accuracy (longer barrel should fix it)
lack of aftermarket parts (that's what I get for trying to be different)
magazine (expensive, heavy, cant fit in normal mag pouches, the little bit where you pull down the spring is plastic and fell off, I don't know if mine was just a lemon but when i got it both sides of the feed nozzle were bent in and since it is built into the magazine i had to take a very sharp knife and shave off some metal on the nozzle so that the bb's could fit through)

Both the slide and frame were clear so I quickly grabbed my krylon paint and painters tape and took it to my garage. I am still a big noob to airsoft and painting airsoft. So dont be to critical about my paint job........ or my photography.

pictures coming as soon as I figure out how to post them lol

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