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To the best of my knowledge no you can't. They're the "warehouser" while places like buyairsoft is the front end retailer. Did you ever take business or econ in high school? Pretty much KWA/G&G/etc. are the manufacturers (primary industry), they make a bunch of guns, sell it to the main distributor who warehouses the large quantities (secondary) and in turn sell to the retail stores (tertiary) which in turn sell to you the customer. Because these warehousers don't want to waste time shipping one gun to the end user they deal exclusively with businesses (because a business will likely buy 10 or 20 at a time and once they have a record of the business all it takes is a supply requisition and an invoice) who then sell to you.

Try clearing out your cache and cookies. Maybe it could be your browser too. It's working fine for me in FF 3.5.4 and Opera 10.01 though so I don't know what to say.
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