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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
I hypothesize it to be related to the changing demographics. The country is ageing, some areas disproportionately to others. A lot of the city areas appear to be older whereas in suburban areas there are a lot more new and younger families as that's where there is affordable living/housing.

Also since people in Canada and first world countries aren't having as many kids (Canada's TFR is only 1.6 children compared to 2.5 needed for a "stable" population) that might be affecting things as well.

Long story short you'll have a lot more candy after Halloween in the upcoming years especially so if you live in "older" neighbourhoods with a large amount of retired/seniors.
My street last year had over 100 kids at the door this year 39, It seems more than just demographics unless 70 people got real old fast....
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