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Originally Posted by mas_oyama View Post
okay. another question:

someone said in this topic not to get a GBB or GBBR (gas blow back and gas blow back... racing??? lol) cause you can only use it in summer... why is that? I love realism... and I love the fact that the slide blow back and lock like a real gun... no?

What would I need for winter play? electrics? So I could get a good AEG assault rifle for all year long use, and my sweet handguns as backup guns for summer? I really love glocks and 1911s... I will get my license for realy rirearms someday, and I will get one of each for sure! I really love those handguns.

also, from 007airsoft again, KJW's glock shoots at 290 fps and their 1911 shoots at 330... their AEG assault rifles shoot at 360. why would 290 and 330 fps be unusable outside? it is fast enough, isn't it?

also, it is in fact just a backup weapon! I wouldn't rely on that all the time!!!
With a little research you would have found that gas is temperature dependent. When the ambient temp outside is lower, the gas itself becomes smaller in mass thus reducing the pressure held by the mag. So if you plan on gaming outside this winter season stick to springers or AEG but alot of AEG also have a tendency to break in lower temps.

And the lube is mandatory regardless. The purpose of that is to keep your seals in your mag intact. The reason some guns are recommended to be used with HFC143a is because they have plastic slides. The higher pressure of propane might crack the slide from repeated use. HFC134a has lower pressure thus results in lower FPS as well as lower wear and tear on the plastic slides.

Don't be afraid of the search button at the top though...
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This is the equivalent to knocking on deaths door and blowing his head off with a shotgun.
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