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GBBR is a Gas Blow Back RIFLE
GBB is a Gas Blow Back

GBBR's are not advised because they usually shoots too hot out of the box and velocities are dependant on ambient temperature (hot summer day vs moderately warm day). I believe you can change the velocity however it requires taking apart the GBBR and not recommended for a newbie to be in there.

In addition getting a GBB pistol right off the bat isn't really the best idea, first you need your basic gear and a good rifle after that a pistol as a backup should be your second concern. If you have all the money needed to drop on gear and stuff right now then get it all but it's better to slowly enter the sport with some basic gear (good quality boots, BDU's, mask/goggles, some sort of ammo/gear carrier) and a rifle. As that takes up a lot of money I'd doubt you have a lot of money left over for a GBB so you'll likely have to wait for your next paycheque.

EDIT: As for not playing in the winter, AEG's take a lot more stress on the internals and parts are likely to break if it's too cold (especially V2 mechboxes). For GBB's and GBBR's coupled with the cold and "cooldown effect" (Highschool physics stuff basically since it's under pressure when you release the pressure (liquid propane turns into gas) and this takes energy the mag gets cooled down) the effects of cooldown is loss of velocities, and more stress placed on the internals (because of the cold stress placed on the metal internals)
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