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Originally Posted by mas_oyama View Post
But I hear using pure propane is not good since there is some lubricant in green gas... am i misinformed?

For the guns and companies... I learned from 007airsoft that in canada you are not allowed to have full black guns... some parts must be clear. 007airsoft's guns are clear, but tinted, so at first glance you think its full painted...

again, am I misinformed about laws in canada? cause 007airsoft won't even sell replicas to civilians. only to police, military and for movie use.

thanks for the info guys, I look foward into your replies about that propane thing and for the law on replicas in canada! and thanks for the tips about
KWA... (is it just their 1911 that is better or it is all their guns that are superior to KJW?)
In terms of lube for propane, just drop a bit of lube on the opening of the bottle before a mag fill.

In Canada, it's not the ownership of replicas that is illegal, its the trade and import. I'm not an expert on the subject but there are many FAQs here on ASC about it.

KWA is generally superior to KJW, yes, but do some research and you will discover that while KJW products are hit and miss, the ones that are good are very good.
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