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Green gas question

Hi guys!

I'm looking to equip myself for airsoft.

I'm thinking about buying a couple of KJW guns. Since we can't go with true replicas like Tokyo Marui and stuff, I think KJW are the next best thing. I will probably order the stuff from (first questio: is that a good place???).

now I'm thinking about getting 2 handguns and 1 assault rifle from 007 airsoft, not at the same time, they are $/?%ing expensive! lol. I want a glock 23 or 32C, a 1911, and that gas powered M4.

Now, the question is: is there different quality in green gas? the bottle 007AS sells is 40 dollars, and I sent a email to them to know how many shots you can fire with that, and Ken from 007airsoft told me its about 1000 shots for a 40$ can.

So if there cheaper(I should say "less expensive"... but as good... dont want to buy "cheap" stuff as in "low quality") cans I can buy out there? 40 bucks for 40 shots isnt too bad, but if i can find better...

also, are BB reusable? if i practice on still objects (empty cans, paper targets, etc), and I find my BBs, can I use them again, or does the impact screw their shape up, rendering them unusable/damaging the guns? I should say I won't buy cheap BBs from canadian tire either, I'd buy high quality BB from 007 airsoft. Guns I will buy are expensive, I dont want to damage them with low quality BB and gas.

Thank you very much!
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